DLC + macOS build coming on September 21

Dear all,

We can officially confirm that the long awaited DLC for If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers, as well as the macOS version, will arrive to itch.io and Steam on September 21.

The DLC will consist of a 35-page artbook (containing every room in the game accompanied by quotes, curiosities and narrative tidbits, plus sketches, early character designs, and an exclusive "Behind the Scenes" double-page spread) and the game's original music score (8 tracks / ~15 minutes).

This "supporter package" will be released on a pay-what-you-want scheme, so you can (finally) donate whatever you feel is fair for our work. It will also be available on Steam for a fixed price, so if you'd rather get it on there and have Steam achievements, wishlist it here! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1603980/

As to the Mac version, it should be considered a beta/experimental build due to our limited resources and experience with macOS, and as such will have very limited tech support, but we are confident that it will work without any issues on most systems. Still, we will provide a troubleshooting document in case any problems arise.

Thank you once more for your support and we hope you're looking forward to all this as much as we are!

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Thanks a lot!
Can’t wait to play and send money :D


Cant wait to get this!


I'll definitely pick this up to learn more about your process. I hope you're feeling good about the reception and excited for your next creation.

Thank you! It has definitely blown up beyond any expectations we could have had, but it's also been extremely overwhelming and I'm really looking forward to leaving all the stress of these last few months behind and working on something new.

Sorry that it's been stressful. Is that because it created demands for your time, interviews, bug fixing and the like?

Not time, but mental space. Surprisingly large amounts of people seem to think that every game out there has a huge studio, budget and resources behind it, and they don't seem to understand or care that this was made by two friends in our spare time, so I constantly get messages asking why it isn't localized to [insert language here], why it isn't on consoles, asking if we need a composer/translator/marketer/collaborator etc etc etc. E.g., when it was itch only, it was "why isn't it on Steam"; when we announced it on Steam, it was "but why no Linux version"; when we announced a Linux version on Steam, it was "but why no macOS", and now that we've announced macOS on itch, it's "but why no macOS on Steam." It never ends and it gets a bit too much sometimes.


Hi Laura, that's quite insightful. Trying to please people sounds like a trap. You've made this beautiful thing, and been kind enough to share it, debug it, and respond to people here. That alone goes well beyond any reasonable expectation. I think the most important thing is to not let your passion become a chore, so if a suggestion or request does not bring you joy, I hope you can just ignore it or say no.

Regarding the need for ports, I played the Windows version on Android in two different ways. It wasn't perfect but the essence is still there. Let ScummVM do the work for you.

Thanks for your authenticity and please do what you love and that's it.

Thanks for your kind words :)


Congrats, this is def one of my favorites, really well done keep it up